Words of Encouragement

(Dedicated to all the moms and parents who have dreams and passions left undone, you can still make those visions turn into substance. There is no guarantee of gaining a huge fortune but an assurance of success will always rely upon our efforts and initiatives for whatever enterprise we are trying to take on).

Being a mom is a tough job and I can attest that myself. I have a toddler who likes to watch show on televisions and loves to surf on the net (Yes, You read it right!) she likes to watch shows on Netflix and explore shows on YouTube. I have notice that kids now a day are more oriented with gadgets such as phones, iPods, and computers. These are some of the gadgets used as learning tools support. An idea of making a story for kids not only to entertain them, but also to give them lessons and insights about things that could help their development has become my goal and passion.

I may not be the first developer who launched this type of eBook app in the market, but I wanted to impart to everybody that I created this eBook from the story, narration, to its graphic details. I wanted my voice to be heard by everybody that a regular mom who stays home like me can also do something greater to share to the community. I have no degree in graphic arts, but I always love to create something extraordinary or have at least tried. To all the full time moms, working parents, and single parents, I am encouraging all of you to look and try my first eBook app “POTTY TRAINING STORY” for your kids, nieces, nephews, relatives, and friends. Why not explore and witness the value of this eBook to your toddlers and grown-ups? Perhaps, you might be interested in creating one for yourself and family.

This story is an educational, inter-active, and fun-animated app that both kids and parents could enjoy. My husband is doing the programming part of the eBooks by making it more interesting through its animation and you can learn that aspect in his blog http://stargamesstudios.wordpress.com . I cannot assure of success the rest will be from all your initiatives, but you can certainly gain self-fulfillment if you have the passion to write.


First Top 10 Weekly Winners!

Congratulations to the first top 10 twitter users for Re-tweeting my post for the week. You are now entitled to claim a free eBook app on iTunes App Store. Just type your code to redeem your prize and follow the instructions below:

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3. Find the QUICK LINK on the upper right corner and click REDEEM.
4. After you click the REDEEM button, you will see a page as ENTER YOUR GIFT CARD OR DOWNLOAD CODE.
5. Type your free code in that box and its ready to go.
6. Enjoy the app for your kids, grandchildren, family, and friends.

For those who did not receive the codes please send your email adds to contacts at http://www.eirammeproductions.com on or before December 17, 2011 prior the free codes expires.

Furthermore, I will highly appreciate if you rate the app found in the customer reviews. Thank you and Advance Merry Christmas!

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Limited Promotion offer for eBook

ATTENTION: I am giving away codes for free access of my eBook for the first ten (10) Twitter user who can RE-Tweet my post Ads for the week. The price will be release every Sunday for four (4) weeks. Count down will start this Monday November 28, 2011 up to December 24, 2011. This offer is only limited to iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Twitter users here in the United States. For those who have Twitter accounts please follow me @Eiramme_eBooks on Twitter. The 10 weekly winners name will be announced through my Blog site, Eiramme Website, Twitter and Facebook page every Sunday and will notify or email them on their Twitter account. Do not miss this limited offer! The sooner you Re-tweet my post for the week the more chances of winning!

POST FOR THE WEEK: November 28 to December 4, 2011
“Christmas Season is the kids favorite time of the year and presents is the most famous thing to share” visit http://itunes.com/apps/pottytrainingstory

Looking forward…

Thanksgiving is finally over for the year, but there are still so many good things that are so much worthy of our gratitude for whole year through. Good health, the air we breath, the food we eat, and the great family and company that continuously persists and prefer to bear with us despite all our circumstances and tough undertakings. For thirty four years of my life, I have encountered peculiar faces of failures, triumphs, felicity, and even appalling life’s enterprise. Those are the experiences that I consider as learning stages of my existence and for many years to come. Foremost, I took my greatest inspirations in writing from my family and from those bitter-sweet numerous adventures.

I have been into more or less intricate realms of my undertakings but being a mother involves an even more complex engagement. Being a parent requires more of a responsibility and devotion. The first eBook I have written entitled “Potty Training Story”, entails my personal involvement as being a mom of a toddler’s potty training adventure. What makes the story unique from others is the detailed stages that my toddler and I went through during her potty training. The story is not only intended for toddlers but it is also designed for ages four to twelve years old. Families, relatives, and even friends can share this eBook with their young nieces, nephews, cousins, and others.

I am inviting anybody who is interested to check out the eBook entitled “Potty Training Story” now available on http://itunes.com/apps/pottytrainingstory and send their feedback in the same site or you can visit: http://www.eirammeproductions.com for the website.

Potty training Story

Potty training Story

Great news to all! Potty Training Story is now available in the iTunes App Store! Download Now and explore the adventure of our characters in the story. Potty Training Story is a great eBook App for children with great sound effects and colorful graphics that will entertain all!

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