First Top 10 Weekly Winners!

Congratulations to the first top 10 twitter users for Re-tweeting my post for the week. You are now entitled to claim a free eBook app on iTunes App Store. Just type your code to redeem your prize and follow the instructions below:

1. Click the link
2. Once you locate the link click the HOME button found on top of the link.
3. Find the QUICK LINK on the upper right corner and click REDEEM.
4. After you click the REDEEM button, you will see a page as ENTER YOUR GIFT CARD OR DOWNLOAD CODE.
5. Type your free code in that box and its ready to go.
6. Enjoy the app for your kids, grandchildren, family, and friends.

For those who did not receive the codes please send your email adds to contacts at on or before December 17, 2011 prior the free codes expires.

Furthermore, I will highly appreciate if you rate the app found in the customer reviews. Thank you and Advance Merry Christmas!

You can also find me on Facebook Eiramme Productions page

Top 10 twitter winners: December 4, 2011

1. Walter Pearson @Wmpear (Northern New Jersey)
2. James Thomas @kaizenjpt (Cleveland,ohio)
3. blyuma serebrinskaya @blyuma (Brooklyn, NY)
4. Thomas E @ttjemery (Chicago)
5. James Tillman @JStars1979 (USA, CT)
6. Hapizi @hapizi84
7. Cristie @LoneleyCristie (US)
8. Charles Douglas@charlesd101(US)
9. Dan @sk8terdan33 (N.Indiana)
10. PRBEAM @prbeam (cary, NC)


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