Words of Encouragement

(Dedicated to all the moms and parents who have dreams and passions left undone, you can still make those visions turn into substance. There is no guarantee of gaining a huge fortune but an assurance of success will always rely upon our efforts and initiatives for whatever enterprise we are trying to take on).

Being a mom is a tough job and I can attest that myself. I have a toddler who likes to watch show on televisions and loves to surf on the net (Yes, You read it right!) she likes to watch shows on Netflix and explore shows on YouTube. I have notice that kids now a day are more oriented with gadgets such as phones, iPods, and computers. These are some of the gadgets used as learning tools support. An idea of making a story for kids not only to entertain them, but also to give them lessons and insights about things that could help their development has become my goal and passion.

I may not be the first developer who launched this type of eBook app in the market, but I wanted to impart to everybody that I created this eBook from the story, narration, to its graphic details. I wanted my voice to be heard by everybody that a regular mom who stays home like me can also do something greater to share to the community. I have no degree in graphic arts, but I always love to create something extraordinary or have at least tried. To all the full time moms, working parents, and single parents, I am encouraging all of you to look and try my first eBook app “POTTY TRAINING STORY” for your kids, nieces, nephews, relatives, and friends. Why not explore and witness the value of this eBook to your toddlers and grown-ups? Perhaps, you might be interested in creating one for yourself and family.

This story is an educational, inter-active, and fun-animated app that both kids and parents could enjoy. My husband is doing the programming part of the eBooks by making it more interesting through its animation and you can learn that aspect in his blog http://stargamesstudios.wordpress.com . I cannot assure of success the rest will be from all your initiatives, but you can certainly gain self-fulfillment if you have the passion to write.


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