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Thanksgiving is finally over for the year, but there are still so many good things that are so much worthy of our gratitude for whole year through. Good health, the air we breath, the food we eat, and the great family and company that continuously persists and prefer to bear with us despite all our circumstances and tough undertakings. For thirty four years of my life, I have encountered peculiar faces of failures, triumphs, felicity, and even appalling life’s enterprise. Those are the experiences that I consider as learning stages of my existence and for many years to come. Foremost, I took my greatest inspirations in writing from my family and from those bitter-sweet numerous adventures.

I have been into more or less intricate realms of my undertakings but being a mother involves an even more complex engagement. Being a parent requires more of a responsibility and devotion. The first eBook I have written entitled “Potty Training Story”, entails my personal involvement as being a mom of a toddler’s potty training adventure. What makes the story unique from others is the detailed stages that my toddler and I went through during her potty training. The story is not only intended for toddlers but it is also designed for ages four to twelve years old. Families, relatives, and even friends can share this eBook with their young nieces, nephews, cousins, and others.

I am inviting anybody who is interested to check out the eBook entitled “Potty Training Story” now available on and send their feedback in the same site or you can visit: for the website.


Potty training Story

Potty training Story

Great news to all! Potty Training Story is now available in the iTunes App Store! Download Now and explore the adventure of our characters in the story. Potty Training Story is a great eBook App for children with great sound effects and colorful graphics that will entertain all!

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